Grand Specialties
OEM Manufacturing (Majestic Lock)
Padlocks, Hasps, Chain, Video Surveillance, Bicycle Security, Safety Lockout
Architectural Builder’s Hardware
Narrow Stile Door Hardware, Exit Devices, Electric Strikes
Automotive Transponder Tools
Access Control, Pushbutton Locks, Card Readers, Exit Device Trim, Door Alarms
Padlocks, Hasps
Safes, Gun Safes, Fire Safes, Major Safe, Star Safe
Door Locks, SFIC, Cylinders and Keyblanks, Door Closers, Exit Devices
Automotive Locks and Accessories
UL437 Keys and Cylinders, Door Locks, Access Control, Switch Locks, Padlocks
Door Hardware, Door Locks, Cylinders and Keyblanks, Hinges
SFIC Door Locks, Padlocks, Cylinders and Keys, Wireless, Access Control
Washroom Accessories
Door Hinges, Postal Specialties, Spring Hinges
Door Locks, Exit Devices, Door Hinges
Overhead Door Closers, Narrow Stile Door Hardware
Access Control, Key Switches, Electric Strikes, Door Activation Devices
Auxiliary Locks, Padlocks, Catches
Auxiliary Locks, Cam Locks, Cabinet Locks, File Cabinet Locks
Pushbutton Door Locks, Cabinet Locks
Electrified Locks, Power Transfer, Exit Device Kits, Power Supplies
Cabinet Locks
Door Closers, Exit Devices, Door Locks, Cylinders and Keyblanks
Mechanical Card-Operated Door Locks
Narrow Stile Door Hardware
Door Alarms, Exit Devices, Mullions, Door Operators
Door Repair Plates, Wrap-arounds, Door Stops, Latch Protectors, Filler Plate
Locksmith Tools
Hollow Metal Doors and Frames
Door Coordinators, Flushbolts, Door Trim
Templates to Install Door Hardware
Door Locks, Door Closers, Floor Closers, Door Operators
Keyblanks, Hide-A-Key, Keymachines, Locksmith Tools, Cam Locks
Door Security Bars
Door Locks, Exit Devices, Door Closers, Cylinders and Keyblanks
Auxiliary Locks
Detention Hardware, Door Locks, Keys, Mogul Cylinders
Auxiliary Locks, Cam Locks, Cabinet Locks, File Cabinet Locks
Locksmith Tools
Overhead Door Stops and Holders, Hospital Push/Pull
Replacement Cylinders for Locks
Toggle Door Holders
Locksmith Tools, Files, Handles
Door Locks, Door Closers, Hinges, Exit Devices
Locksmith Tools, Keyblanks, Keymachines
Steel Marking Stamps
Electric Strikes, Access Control
Sliding Door Hardware, Drawer Slides
Peg-board Hooks and Accessories, Wire Goods
Keymachines, Locksmith Tools, Key Cabinets
Keyblanks, Keymachines, Transponder Equipment, Cylinders
Door Closers, Storefront Door Hardware, Concealed Door Closers, Pivot Sets
Door Trim, Door Stops, Pulls, Bolts
Toilet Partition Hardware and Accessories
Keyblanks, Keymachines, Transponder Hardware
Access Control, Pushbutton Locks
Locksmith Tools, Weldable Gate Boxes, Narrow Stile Door Accessories
Key Rings, Key Storage, Access Control
Keymachines, Keyblanks, Transponder Equipment
Knox Boxes, Key Storage
SFIC Cores, Cylinders and Housings
Door Locks, Keyblanks and Cylinders
Locksmith Tools, Cylinder Pins
Keymachines, Locksmith Tools
Door Closers, Door Operators
Pushbutton Locks, Gate Closers
Key Accessories, KeyBak, Keyblanks, Key Rings, Key Tags
Key Storage
Locksmith Tools, Door Security Bar, Cylinder Collars, Screw Assortments
Continuous Hinges
Door Locks
Padlocks, Door Locks, Chain, Bicycle Security, Safety Products
Manhole Cover Locking Devices, Innovative Security Products
Commercial Hinges, Continuous Hinges
UL437 Keys and Cylinders, Door Locks, Access Control, Switch Locks
Screw Drivers and Specialty Bits
Key Storage, Cash Drawers, Key Cabinets
Temporary Door Locks
Auxiliary Locks, Cam Locks, Cabinet Locks, File Cabinet Locks
Retrofit Pivot Set
Weatherstripping, Thresholds, Door Lite Kits, Finger Guards, Door Louvers
Access Control, Garage Door Transmitters, Wireless Receiver/Transmitters, Linear
Door Closers, Door Operators
Pick Gun, Cylinder Pins
Auxiliary Locks, Cam Locks, Cabinet Locks, File Cabinet Locks, Padlocks
Door Enunciator
Window Sash Balances
Gate Caster
Door Hinges
Weatherstripping, Door Seals, Thresholds, Continuous Hinges, Sliding Door Hardware
XL Mailbox Locks
Exit Devices, Mullions
Window and Screen Repair Products
Locksmith Tools, Key Cutting Equipment, Door Wrap-Arounds, Gun Locks, Safes
Floor Hinges, Overhead Door Closers, Pivot Sets, Overhead Door Stops
Detention Hardware
Door Trim, Door Stops, Door Pulls
Electric Strikes, Magnetic Locks
Magnetic Door Holders, Fire Pull Stations
Keymachines, Key Punches
Postal Equipment, Mailboxes, Hospital Track and Hangers
Safe Locks, Access Control
Door Closers, Exit Devices, Door Locks, Cylinders and Keyblanks
Door Locks, Access Control, Key Control
Access Control
Access Control, Magnetic Locks, Key Switches, Pushbuttons, TouchSense Bar
Access Control, Magnetic Locks, Electric Strikes, Electrified Exit Device Kits
Door Hinges, Continuous Hinges, Shelf Hardware, Sliding/Folding Door Hardware
Invisible Door Hinges, Door Stop/Holders
Detention Hardware
Automotive Products, Locks and Keyblanks
Locks for Electrical Applications
Key Storage Products
Key Storage Products
Door Locks
Lubricant Spray
Door Trim, Door Stops, Antibacterial Hardware
Electric Strikes, Bells and Buzzers
Grab Bars, Bar Rails, Washroom Accessories, Handrails
Spy Shield, Key Retainers, Innovative Locking Devices
Door Locks, Exit Devices, Door Closers, Narrow Stile Door Hardware
Exit Devices, Mullions
Door Locks, Door Closers, Exit Devices, Mullions, Cylinders and Keyblanks
Steel Marking Stamps